Solved: How To Create A Password On Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Program

When we are booking a flight we are often eager to find the best airline award program to redeem our miles on. Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles program has plenty of offerings we love including sweet spot deals on US flights to Hawaii or great redemption rates on partners such as United, Lufthansa, as well as Turkish Airlines.

Itching to take advantage of the perks Turkish Airlines program offers we were quick to sign up for our account. However, upon trying to complete the form we ran into a bit of trouble.

It wouldn’t let me create a password.

This was extremely odd and frustrated me from signing up to a highly coveted program. I finally resolved it in the simplest way possible and wanted to share how incase others were having trouble.

I landed on Turkish Airlines homepage and was looking for the way to join the program.

Turkish Airlines Homepage
Turkish Airlines Homepage

I found the “Sign Up” button in the top right and it immediately brought me to the form. This looked easy enough and the information they wanted looked pretty standard.

Turkish Miles & Smiles Sign Up Form

I started by filling out all the required information and had no trouble up until this point.

Then I got to the “Security Details” and it asked me to create a password. Easy enough I went for it.

Frustratingly every time I started creating a password it immediately would remove the letters.

This was odd so I decided to switch browsers and try again. Nope, same issue.

What was happening? Why couldn’t I create a password?

I decided to Google a solution and funny enough I found others having the same issue dating back to 2017! They mentioned it was a known issue with Turkish Airlines website and to this day hasn’t been resolved.

I was beginning to lose hope when I finally came across the simplest solution I never knew I needed.

To create a password on Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles you must type all numbers. It was simple as that.

As typically with the entire process the numbers can be no less than 6 characters but also no more. This was too funny.

Anyway, after I laughed at the simplicity of this poor user experience I was able to create my account and finally sign up.

I am now a proud(?) Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles member and have successful learned to create a password on what should be a story not worth of an article, but here we are.

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