Hyatt is a widely used hotel loyalty program for business travelers, making corporate discounts a big part of their offering.

If you happen to be associated with any of the partner organizations you should definitely plan on taking advantage of one of these perks. The discount will include a percentage off the nightly rate and will typically include free wireless internet and breakfast.

Depending on where and when you travel there won’t always be availability. It’s worth a check to any city you are traveling to.

Rates are for business travelers only so make sure you are associated and authorized to book with the below rates.

Use the steps below to see if you can receive a Hyatt discount on your next booking.

Locate your corporate rate

If you work for a major corporation there is a high chance you book your hotels through a company portal or have a travel agent secure all reservations. With the corporate rate inserted on the backend a lot of times you may not even be aware of what your own companies code is.

CompanyHotel GroupCodeSearch Hotels
AAAHyatt17500Check Rates
AAA 2Hyatt15985Check Rates
AccentureHyattNC95864Check Rates
AONHyatt27450Check Rates
Bank AtlanticHyatt79103Check Rates
BMWHyatt86458Check Rates
BNPHyatt97920Check Rates
BP InternationalHyatt88762Check Rates
CiscoHyatt13365Check Rates
Company TVL RateHyatt68083Check Rates
CostcoHyatt66267Check Rates
Credit LyonnaisHyatt13516Check Rates
Credit SuisseHyatt12624Check Rates
Daimler BenzHyatt99800Check Rates
DeloitteHyatt20725Check Rates
GEHyatt16700Check Rates
GE InternationalHyatt13307Check Rates
General ElectricHyattNC16700Check Rates
General MotorsHyattNC12964Check Rates
HondaHyatt34235Check Rates
IBM CorporationHyatt13717Check Rates
Li & FungHyatt90010Check Rates
LufthansaHyatt13717Check Rates
Morgan StanleyHyatt23240Check Rates
SamsungHyatt57039Check Rates
SamsungHyatt24560Check Rates
SAP AmericaHyattNC98733Check Rates
Senior CitizenHyatt17497Check Rates
TVL RateHyatt68083Check Rates
TVL RteHyatt23079Check Rates
UBSHyatt42366Check Rates

Many companies have multiple rates with Hyatt so make sure you try all the ones assigned to your given organization.

Input discount code into Hyatt search

Hyatt makes it straightforward to search using a corporate discount. Simply navigate to the search bar and expand the column titled “Special Rates”. You will see a dedicated section titled “Corporate Account” and here is where you will want to enter your code.

hyatt discount code search

As soon as you enter your rate and click “Find Hotels” all the results will be eligible for that rate.

Compare preferred vs. direct rates

As mentioned above corporate rates are considered “Special/Preferred Rates” and while they do usually provide discounts, they are actually not always the cheapest. There are a lot of reasons to why, but hotels may be running their own special deal making the standard rate lower than the corporate rate for a given night. We always recommend comparing your corporate rate to other promotions the hotel may be running directly.

hyatt compare rates

In this example, the corporate rate is 15% cheaper per night than the hotel’s direct “Best Available Rate”

Present identification upon arrival

This part can may not always happen but according to the companies official policy, a hotel must check ID to confirm your rate upon check in. Given how most Hyatt are operated independently, we found this to vary wildly based on location.

Acceptable forms of identification include

  • A badge with the company name and your picture
  • A business card that includes your name, title, and company
  • A business email address the hotel will confirm by sending you an email