The InterContinental Hotels Group, or IHG, is a very popular hotel rewards program for frequent travelers. With almost 6,000 properties worldwide it’s an attractive portfolio for business travelers meaning many negotiate corporate rates in advance.

If you happen to be lucky enough to be associated with any of the partner organizations you should definitely plan on taking advantage of one of these perks. The discount can be sometimes be 10% – 30% off the regular nightly rate and will typically include perks like free wireless internet, parking, and breakfast.

Depending on where and when you travel there won’t always be availability but given it’s a major city you are almost always likely to find space.

Just because you find a corporate rate doesn’t always mean its the lowest rate the hotel has to offer. Be alert to compare the rate you find to the normal nightly price since there are times a corporate rate can be higher based on the corporations deal terms.

Use the steps below to see if you can receive a IHG discount on your next booking.

Locate your corporate rate

There is a high chance business travelers currently book hotels through a company portal or have a travel agent secure all reservations. With the corporate rate inserted on the backend a lot of times you may not even be aware of what your own companies code is.

CompanyHotel GroupCodeSearch Hotels
3MIntercontinental101672 Check Rates
Ace HardwareIntercontinental100862437 Check Rates
Arizona State UniversityIntercontinentalASU Check Rates
AT&TIntercontinental150711 Check Rates
Bank of AmericaIntercontinental109568 Check Rates
BayerIntercontinental251321 Check Rates
CiscoIntercontinental954410926 Check Rates
Coca ColaIntercontinental128813 Check Rates
ConocoPhillipsIntercontinental262552 Check Rates
Dell ComputerIntercontinental954284898 Check Rates
FedexIntercontinental109207 Check Rates
FordIntercontinental103772 Check Rates
FujitsuIntercontinental100016221 Check Rates
GEIntercontinental102806 Check Rates
HondaIntercontinental100371240 Check Rates
IBMIntercontinental243132 Check Rates
KraftIntercontinental105406 Check Rates
LafargeIntercontinental900000588 Check Rates
LowesIntercontinental100211707 Check Rates
LowesIntercontinental924806 Check Rates
Loyola UniversityIntercontinental478113 Check Rates
MicrosoftIntercontinental100857558 Check Rates
MotorolaIntercontinental128554 Check Rates
Network ApplianceIntercontinental954284247 Check Rates
NWCTAIntercontinental900033305 Check Rates
OracleIntercontinental100183394 Check Rates
PhilipsIntercontinental953100013 Check Rates
Rutgers UniversityIntercontinental100189760 Check Rates
SiemensIntercontinental104256 Check Rates
TargetIntercontinental888400 Check Rates
ToyotaIntercontinental954409548 Check Rates
United Parcel ServiceIntercontinental108146 Check Rates
University of TexasIntercontinental99502056 Check Rates

Many companies have multiple rates with IHG so make sure you try all the ones assigned to your given organization.

To find Hotel Corporate Codes for all major programs including Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and more please visit our code homepage.

Input discount code into IHG search

IGH makes it easy to search using a corporate discount. Simply navigate to the stay tab in the menu bar bar to begin your search. When you click to input “Destination” you will see a drop down appear that includes a section to input a “Corporate ID”. Make sure even when making your search you have your “Rate Preference” set to “Best Available”. This will make sure you don’t overpay for a corporate rate when the standard rate is cheaper.

IHG Search Rate

As soon as you enter your rate and click “Search” all the results will be eligible for that rate.

Compare rates

As mentioned above corporate rates are considered “Special/Preferred Rates” and while they do usually provide discounts, they are actually not always the cheapest. There are a lot of reasons to why, but hotels may be running their own special deal making the standard rate lower than the corporate rate for a given night. We always recommend comparing your corporate rate to other promotions the hotel may be running directly.

IHG Compare Rates

In this example, the corporate rate is cheaper per night than the hotel’s direct “Best Flexible Rate”

Present identification upon arrival

This part can may not always happen but according to several hotel group’s official policy, a hotel must check ID to confirm your rate upon check in. We found this to vary wildly based on location.

Acceptable forms of identification include

  • A badge or pass with the company name and picture
  • A business card that includes your name and company
  • An email address the hotel will confirm by sending you a confirmation

In our experience, hotels in Asia tend to check ID almost 100% of the time but in North America and Europe, it has been less than 10%.